8 Reasons Concerned Seniors Purchase Final Expense Insurance

  1. The reason you purchase Final Expense coverage is not for yourself, it’s to take the FINANCIAL BURDEN off your loved ones during a very stressful time.
  2. The benefits go to your beneficiary INCOME TAX FREE!
  3. Your beneficiaries can use any funeral home you or they select.
  4. The insurance company check may come direct to your beneficiary, or be assigned by your beneficiary to the funeral home.
  5. Nursing homes, hospitals and other creditors cannot access your beneficiary’s benefits.
  6. YOU can decide and communicate how you want your final arrangements handled.
  7. This policy will give you and your loved ones peace of mind!
  8. The longer you wait, the more it costs!

Where To Get Help

With all that in mind, we believe the best way to shop for burial life insurance is to partner with an independent life insurance specialist like us. We’ll help you figure out which type of life insurance makes sense for you — and which provider offers you the best deal.

Fill out a quote request on this page to get started comparing rates and we’ll be in touch soon to discuss your personalized needs.